Our Goal is to Make You and Your Marketing Shine

We help your brand fine-tune its digital presence on social and the web to increase your customer-base. Our clients’ growth and success is how we measure our success. After learning about your company and your clients, we plan out a strategy to achieve your digital marketing goals. We test to see what works, measure to ensure effectiveness, and then look to optimize it to generate qualified leads and retain customers. We are not just hired marketing hands, we are truly an extension of your marketing team.


Meet Our Rockstar Team

Adam Helweh

Adam Helweh

CEO & Founder

Adam is the CEO and founder of Secret Sushi Creative. He specializes in, and deeply passionate about, the convergence of design, social and technology to provide businesses with more intelligent and interactive ways to connect with customers to grow sales. His clients have included Edelman, Broadcom, Stanford Federal Credit Union, the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Bunchball, Content Rules Inc. and others.

Adam’s expertise has been recognized by organizations as varied as Cadence Design Systems, Paypal, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, the Luxury Marketing Council and the Malaysian Government, which selected him to join a group of entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur on a bridge-building mission between their emerging tech sector and Silicon Valley.

As a speaker on digital marketing, he has presented alongside senior executives from Facebook, Virgin Airlines, Dell and 24 Hour Fitness. Also, he has given talks and presentations about the future of digital marketing to The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco, Social-Loco conference, and to major corporations including JPMorgan Chase.

Steve Farnsworth

Content Marketing & Social Marketing Strategy Advisor

From Corp Comm to Demand Gen, Steve has been neck deep in marketing for over 20 years. He has been advising clients exactly what they need to say to be heard by the customers they want to connect with. He knows that content is not a collection of big digital assets, but a cultural shift of brands moving away from talking about what they sell, and to start talking about what they know.

Jason Pittam

Account Management & Strategy

Mike is a project manager with a diverse background in social media, web marketing, social networking and Google analytics. He has a solid track record with high responsibility positions and high profile clients. He makes success happen and on schedule.

Ali Shiraz

Head of Web & Application Development

We are grateful  to have met Ali. He has worked with us on a number of projects. Each time we’ve used a new and unique framework or tool, Ali has been able to tackle every hurdles our projects have required. What stands out is his ability to remain level headed and focused on the goal of the project regardless of what’s being thrown at him, without missing a beat.

Alexa Apallas

Editorial & Content

Clients count on her to deliver flawlessly executed, attention-grabbing copy. She has written everything from sales letters that succeeded in attracting new clients, catalog copy that enticed readers to buy, website copy that informed and entertained, to business plans that set forth a clear course of action. She’s also developed expertise in blogging and social media marketing and work with clients to manage their online presence.

Mili Jasarevic & Ali Nagy

Visual Design

This talented design duo believes that great design comes from caring deeply about translating your unique vision into incredible graphics that bring your brand alive. Being a strong creative is part designer, part interpreter, and part dream-weaver. When a client walks away with something that makes them excited and proud enough to shout from the rooftops, “They got it! This fits! This is me!,” they know that they have done their job well.

Tosh Campanella

Creative Design & Strategy

Tosh’s design skills and creative prowess have grown exponentially each year. He has proven he can skillfully maneuver the design process on most any creative project, and is always one step ahead of our client’s needs. He is a problem solver who gets the job done and adds great value to all projects.