Account-based marketing services

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted marketing approach that focuses on engaging a small, clearly defined group of target customers and accounts.

We’re not in this for the glory, but we still wanted to share our success.

Focus your marketing love on the key decision-makers.

ABM is an ideal marketing strategy for companies that sell complex products or services to large organizations. It’s a strategy that shifts marketing’s focus from broadly attracting customer segments to deeply engaging specific accounts.

ABM is built on the premise that not all customers are created equal and that it’s more effective to focus your resources on high-value target accounts rather than trying to reach as many people as possible.

With ABM, you can customize your marketing strategy to address the specific needs of your target accounts. Our account-based marketing service will combine outstanding content marketing and tailored messaging with audience intelligence to increase B2B sales opportunities.

What are the benefits of Account-Based Marketing?

Initiate and nurture specific key account relationships

Tailor your messaging and content to influence key decision-makers

Focus marketing and sales resources on identified ideal customers

The result

  1. Higher ROI
  2. Improved customer lifetime value
  3. Reduced time to close

How we get it done

The average B2B customer uses six different channels to interact with you during the customer journey. There are usually as many as ten decision-makers involved in the sales process.

We create multi-channel ABM programs that educate, engage and influence the team of decision-makers at your target accounts that matter most. Here’s an overview of how we do it.

Our account-based marketing components

Identify your list of target contacts and accounts.
Engage your customers with targeted marketing activities.
Measure the effectiveness of your programs at the contact and account level.
Secret Sushi, Inc’s work has increased website traffic and improved lead quality, meeting expectations. They’ve taken ownership of the project, going above and beyond in achieving the desired results.
Allen Drennan

Principal & Co-Founder, Cordoniq

Secret Sushi helped us to drive a lot of our SEM and SEO activities. And within a few months, we were able to grow our sales pipeline by 10x. The paid media activities that we were running with Secret Sushi really truly helped us to drive a large part of that sales pipeline.
Ted Sapountzis

Senior Marketing Executive

Secret Sushi’s team is super friendly and easy to work with. We also highly appreciate that they were approachable, and we were always happy to talk with them.
Steve Owen

Product Implementation Manager, Blackhawk Network


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Account-based marketing channels

Content marketing
Programmatic Advertising
Paid Social Media
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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It all starts with a conversation. We’re excited to meet you and learn about what marketing challenges keep you up at night.

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