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Secret Sushi became an extension of our organization, helping us develop blogs, social media content, e-books, and our podcast. Basically, they help us with all forms of content.
Terri Delfino

VP of Platform Marketing, Digital.ai

I was impressed by the breadth of resources they are able to marshall to get the job done
Mike Faster

President & Founder, Coyote Creek Consulting

Secret Sushi, Inc has deep and broad knowledge of all aspects of marketing. They were able to get their arms around our technology quickly so they could provide value quickly.
Heather Shoemaker

CEO & Founder, Language I/O

I have been in business for 26 years and Secret Sushi has been doing our marketing for more than 10 of those 26. I think this speaks volumes about the success of our work together.
Val Swisher

Founder & CEO, Content Rules

Their response time is great and they have a large amount of knowledge. They take the time to help us understand their approach and solution.
Shelby Scholze

Digital Marketing Manager, ISS Facility Services - North America

The best thing that they did for our company was reevaluating where we started 20 years ago, understanding that, and then taking us to the next level.

Janice Masoud

CEO & Founder, Under the Nile

Regardless of what comes up, Secret Sushi, Inc can and does help.
Amy Lawrence

Marketing Manager, Center for Employment Training

Their team is more like an extension of our Marketing department rather than simply an agency.
Audra Evans

Head of Marketing, Monex USA

I know I have a go-to team to call on.
Aleya Harris

Director of Marketing, ISS-Guckenheimer North America

We rely on Secret Sushi’s expertise to help guide and execute our corporate website strategy.

Chris Becwar

Senior Marketing Manager, GreenRoad

Working with Secret Sushi has helped us to turbo-charge our membership engagement campaigns.

Neil V. Collins

CEO, Santa Clara County Association Of Realtors

It was only a few weeks into our engagement when our first eBook was produced and available on our website. The moment when you see buyers starting to interact with your content is magical.
Ted Sapountzis

Senior Marketing Executive

The Secret Sushi team is very involved in your day-to-day activity. It’s easy to pick up the phone and have a conversation about what needs to be done, and then they take action and come back with results.
Rico Andrade

VP of Marketing, Celigo

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