Content marketing services

Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy used to attract and engage an audience with relevant content that educates and influences customers.

We’re not in this for the glory, but we still wanted to share our success.

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Turn quality content into quality customers

Connect with your customers on a deeper level.

The earlier you can connect with potential customers and demonstrate value in the customer journey, the more influence you’ll have over their buying decisions. It’s an incredible tool to build trust and credibility with your customers. Content marketing is jet fuel for your demand generation, account-based marketing, social media, SEO, advertising, and other marketing activities. 

Create content built for the connected customer journey.

Connected customers have unfettered access to information, people, and brands they care about. Companies often err by expecting a potential client to immediately book a demo or sales call instead of gradually warming up to the idea.

Gain a competitive edge by building trusting, confident relationships.

  • Generate more qualified inbound traffic from content-fueled channels like search, social media, and PPC.
  • Engage with your prospects earlier and more often throughout every stage of their customer journey.

A Peek Into Our Content Development Approach

Our approach to content development puts your customer at its core. We use the art and science of marketing to plan and identify what they crave throughout the customer journey.

How we get it done

Content Marketing program components

1. Plan

Ideate, research, and plan your content strategy and creative deliverables.

2. Produce

Write and design your content components.

3. Publish

Stage, optimize, and publish your content on your website.

4. Promote

Promote your content on relevant organic and paid channels.

5. Repurpose

Repurpose content into other formats to get the most from it.

Get 10X more ROI from your content

Give your content a bigger purpose by repurposing it. What is content repurposing? Content repurposing is the process of changing old content to be used in a new way. This could involve changing the medium (e.g., from written to audio), adjusting the length (e.g., from a blog post to a 30-second video clip), or simply tailoring the message to fit a different audience or context.

Your content shouldn’t just sit and collect dust after you publish it. One blog post can be turned into five different content assets with the right planning and creative resources. Our team will get your business more ROI from your content than you’ve ever thought possible.


Let’s talk about your content marketing!

It all starts with a conversation. We’re excited to meet you and learn about what marketing challenges keep you up at night. 

It was only a few weeks into our engagement when our first eBook was produced and available on our website. The moment when you see buyers starting to interact with your content is magical.
Ted Sapountzis

Senior Marketing Executive

Our work is very technical and specific; we write about development and technical subjects for a technical audience. Our audience can easily identify useless marketing content. However, Secret Sushi provides substantial and substantive content that passes our audience’s approval, which is very important.
Terri Delfino

VP of Platform Marketing,

Our web traffic has increased by 350% thanks primarily to the SEO and content work they have completed to date, but also because of the improvements they’ve made to our website.
Jennifer Staretorp

Head of Marketing, Lucidum

Pillar-based marketing: Content marketing that stands the test of time

Compared to the limited techniques SEO of the past, pillar-based marketing (PBM) is a clever, more human approach to generating organic search traffic. A blend of content marketing, SEO, and demand generation, PBM uses audience behavior insights along with competitor and keyword data to quickly get you to the top of coveted search rankings.

As a full-service agency, we will develop your custom digital marketing strategy, produce and publish content, and promote it to your new influx of qualified customers. The result will generate massive organic traffic, boost lead generation prospects, reinforce your business’s value, and connect you with new customers.

If you want to not only improve your SEO, but absolutely dominate the competition, then pillar-based marketing is the way to go.

Ask us about pillar-based marketing

Check out these real results from our pillar-based content marketing programs

Here’s a sample of what content assets we can create

We will develop content that will attract, educate, and inspire your customers to take action.

  • Blog posts
  • Resource Hubs
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Email Newsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Microsites
  • Sales Enablement Documents
  • Whitepapers
  • Explainer Videos
  • Checklists
  • Buyer’s Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Email Nurture Sequences
  • How-to Guides
  • Sales Emails
  • Animated Videos
  • Cost Calculators
  • Interactive Content
  • Websites

Additional content marketing services

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Audit
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Attribution Reporting

What people are saying

Why Invest in Content Marketing Services?

Trust And Credibility

High-quality content helps brands to establish themselves as an industry expert. Consistent and relevant content gains trust among the audience and increases brand value.

Boosts SEO

Search engines push fresh and high-quality content. Content marketing boosts SEO and ultimately attracts organic traffic.

Viral Content

Shareable and relatable content has more chances of going viral. Viral posts can lead to a massive boom in business.


Content marketing is an affordable strategy to market your products and services. It also leads to lower wastage of resources as compared to traditional marketing methods.

Tailored Content

Content that targets customers’ pain points establishes deeper connections and higher conversion rates.

Why Choose Secret Sushi for Content Marketing Services?

At Secret Sushi, we understand that effective content marketing goes beyond just writing blog posts. It involves a comprehensive strategy of planning, creating, and promoting content that resonates with your target audience. 

Our unique pillar-based marketing approach helps you dominate your competition, while our commitment to SEO ensures your content is discoverable. We engage your customers on a deeper level, building trust and credibility through high-quality content.

Ready to supercharge your marketing? 🚀

It all starts with a conversation.

Content Marketing Services FAQs

What is content marketing?

To put it simply, content marketing is a well-planned long-term strategy, typically spanning from six months to a year. Its primary goal is to establish valuable connections by consistently delivering top-notch content that drives conversions and boosts sales.

Story-telling is one of the most remarkable techniques used in content marketing. It is important to note that even though content marketing aims to sell, its first goal is always to build an audience.

What do content marketing services include?

Content marketing services include a variety of components, including creating blog entries, articles, infographics, videos, and other content that falls under this category. The formulation of content strategies, the study of keywords, the production of excellent, SEO-optimized content, and channel promotion are marketing materials frequently included in a content marketing service.

Additionally, essential elements include social media management, email marketing, and analysis tracking. Content marketing services emphasize building authority for brands, cultivating client connections, and generating organic traffic.

Businesses can improve visibility and credibility while achieving digital marketing goals and continuously producing valuable content.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing works by utilizing all four of the buying cycle stages. Doing so helps potential customers and clients keep the brand top-of-mind throughout their journey. 

The first stage of the buying cycle is awareness. Content marketing services can use SEO tactics, such as keyword research and content optimization to make sure blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and other pieces are found by audiences searching for solutions to their problems online.

The second stage of the buying cycle is a consideration. The goal here is to provide potential customers and clients with thoughtful, useful content that can help them make an informed decision about your product or service. This could mean providing more detailed information on a topic covered in the last step, such as white papers or webinars, or offering resources like comparison charts or product demos.

The third stage is the decision-making stage. This is when potential customers and clients make a decision about whether your product or service is the right fit for them. Content marketing can be used to provide customer testimonials, case studies, or FAQs that demonstrate how your solution can solve their problem or meet their need.

Finally, the fourth step in the content marketing process is retention and loyalty. This stage focuses on keeping customers engaged and loyal to your business through ongoing content such as newsletters, podcasts, or videos. By continuing to share valuable information with your customers, you can show that you value.

By offering engaging, alluring, and educational content that answers the consumer’s queries, content marketing has the potential to capture their attention. By giving more information or value to existing customers, the value created by offering an informational or interest-based service without a sales pitch may also improve how a brand or its product/services is perceived, increasing revenue and brand value.

SEO is a significant distinction that adds to the value of content marketing. A business establishes authority on a topic and starts SEO by responding to queries or producing topically relevant content. In an ideal world, the content would rise naturally in the SERPs before marking the use of Google’s strength as an advertising platform.

Is content marketing worth it?

Yes, content marketing is worth it. Statistically speaking, content marketing:

  • Increases ROI 13 times when compared to traditional marketing.
  • Generates 3x more leads and has a 6x higher conversion rate.
  • Blogs generate over 125% more leads.

Are there any fixed plans for your content marketing services?

Content marketing services is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Strategies are tailored even for businesses of the same industry and niche. Every company has different needs, goals, and target audiences.