Account-Based Marketing

Target key accounts, get personal, and close more sales.

Everyone knows that effective marketing starts with getting specific about the market your company is targeting.

Once you know this market, your marketing activities become hyper-focused and ultra-effective. That’s how powerful account-based marketing can be. 

Account-based marketing is about focusing your marketing resources to target clearly defined key customer accounts within your market.  An account-based marketing strategy is designed to: 

  • Initiate and nurture specific key account relationships
  • Personalize your messaging and content for key internal players
  • Reach and influence key decision-makers 

These account-based marketing tactics are designed to open doors and deepen relationships with key accounts so you can create opportunities, accelerate buying cycles, and close more deals.

Transform Marketing Activity
into Sales Leads Faster*

Close inbound leads faster with less effort from your sales team.

Convert Website Traffic
into Qualified Customers*

*Data based on real client results

What We Do:

Our account-based marketing service identifies the key players within your target accounts and aims to understand their specific needs and goals as they relate to your business. It’s all about the relationship. 

From there, we create multi-channel programs that engage your target accounts by mapping custom-curated content and messaging across customer journeys.

The multi-channel tracking data we get from our services is used to expand your reach and optimize your marketing campaigns so that you can convert more key accounts efficiently.



  • REngage earlier with relevant target accounts, accelerating sales opportunities.
  • RIdentify specific contacts within target companies to nurture so you’re not guessing who the best contact is anymore.
  • RDrive website and content engagement of highly targeted accounts.
  • RExpand to additional departments or business units within existing customer accounts to foster greater brand loyalty and growth.

Exponentially Grow
Your Website Traffic*

Grow Your Sales Pipeline
from Multiple Channels*

*Data based on real client results

What if your business could …


Grow revenue more than 40% in one year?

Close twice as many customers twice as easily with more qualified leads in your pipleine?


Increase customers by 37% in less than 10 months?


Improve your organic search traffic by 100% year over year?

Triple your conversions on a free-trial product?

Nearly eliminate any need for paid traffic to drive customers to your website?

Think it’s not possible?

Think again. These are real results from OUR clients. And in
each of these results lies the story of a company just like yours.

“It’s tough to find that complete package, and that’s
certainly something that we found with Secret Sushi.

Rico Andrade

VP of Marketing, Celigo

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