It’s not my first time. You see, I’ve had the pleasure of co-hosting a couple of podcasts over the years, but it’s been a while.

In 2012 I started “The SoLoMo Show” with a friend and fellow marketer, Cory O’Brien. Each week we discussed the latest topics related to social, mobile, and location-based digital marketing.  We recorded almost 100 episodes over the 2 years we produced the show.

Shortly after we ended The SoLoMo Show I was invited to join a new podcast my good friend Janet Fouts was launching. She called it “The Friday Hangout” and we treated it as such. It was our chance to hangout with a third co-host (usually Steve Farnsworth, my brother-from-another-mother and Secret Sushi teammate) and a weekly guest. I loved every moment of it. Especially the opportunity to talk with new and familiar faces about what they see happening in business and marketing. We took back that hour and a half of time to do other work, ending the hangout after almost another 100 shows.

Since then, it’s been itching at me. That same big YETI USB microphone that I purchased back in 2012 has been staring me in the face from the edge of my desk for years, asking to be put into action. Well, it’s time to dust off the microphone and put it to work!

Something Raw is Coming!

I’m weeks away from launching my new podcast. I call it, “Marketing in the Raw”. Get it? Sushi … raw? Yeah, well it’s more than just a play on the company name. The goal is to share my raw, unfiltered view with you on digital marketing by providing a little something each episode that will help you grow your business.

Marketing in the Raw Podcast Tile

As I am writing this, 14 interviews have already been recorded. I’ve interviewed industry experts in content marketing, augmented reality, social media, communications, interactive media, digital marketing and even mindfulness. Mindfulness? Yes! As I said earlier, I want to share my marketing and how to grow your company through my eyes. That certainly means sharing my nearly 20 years of experience helping small and medium-sized enterprise businesses and start-ups attract, engage, and convert people into customers, but there’s so much more to marketing than that.

Over the last decade alone, marketing has become exponentially more complicated, technology-dependent, far-reaching, and impactful to the business bottom line. What was once considered a cost center within organizations is now a revenue center (if done right). Marketing plays a critical role in driving revenue as sales do… period.

Beyond that, marketing leaders and practitioners need to take into account other aspects of the business to stay competitive. Team building, empathy, customer behavior, emerging technology, and conscious business practices are just a few of the other topics that I see bubbling up in the minds of marketers everywhere. I’ll definitely be diving into those topics as well.

That said, my goal is to share with you actionable ways to grow your business. Beyond the interviews, I will include additional segments within each episode that you or your team can put into action almost immediately after each episode. If you are hungry for something to give your marketing some jet fuel, I got your back.

Here Are Some of the Smart Folks I’ve Already Interviewed:

  • Robert Rose Two Lies and a Truth About Content Marketing
  • Janet Fouts Mindful Communications in the Age of Social Media
  • Dennis YuThe Pitfalls of Putting People First and Why It’s Still the Righ Thing to Do
  • Todd Wilms How Founders Create Success By Embracing Marketing
  • Amber Naslund Bring Your Whole Self by Crushing Imposter Syndrome
  • Robert Scoble AR, VR, & Emerging Tech’s Impact on Customer Experiences
  • Val Swisher How Marketing Content Will Need to Evolve to Survive

How to Get Your Ears on it

I plan to launch the podcast sometime in August. You’ll be able to find and listen to it in all the usual podcast-y spots. We will launch with 3 episodes and then one every two weeks. I’d love for you to be one of the first to listen. Drop your name and email below and I’ll notify you on day-one I may even share some early snippets or behind the scenes goodies with you. If you want to help fill this grown man’s heart with joy, then please also share this post. If you do, don’t forget to tag me or use the hashtag #MarketingintheRaw. Talk to you soon!

Be the first to know when the Marketing in the Raw podcast is launched

I’d love for you to be one of the first to listen to my new podcast. It’s made for you. Drop me your name and email and I will notify you when it launches.