We’re constantly searching for new, innovative ways to help our clients succeed. And conversions are always the name of the game, right? Our businesses live or die by our sales metrics and our ability to successfully close business.

So when our friend Dennis Yu, founder of BlitzMetrics – a digital marketing company that partners with schools to provide social media and marketing training to young adults – said he’d found the secret to driving engagement and conversions, Adam couldn’t wait to dig in deeper with him.

As an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and having held leadership positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines, Dennis knows his stuff. So when he says he’s got the secret to something as important as conversions, we lean in BIG time.

(I’m imagining you’re leaning in a little bit too right now. . . 🙂

Spoiler alert: Dennis’ advice has nothing to do with implementing the latest hacks or purchasing some trendy tech tools to generate more buyers. Don’t get us wrong, we love stuff like that too, but Dennis says the real magic behind engagement and conversions lies in something much deeper and more powerful.

What is that secret sauce, you ask? We can sum it up in one word:


The foundation for Dennis’ business philosophy (and ours at Secret Sushi, for that matter) is steeped in the idea that the businesses his company supports are run by people. Real, live humans with real needs and desires and problems that need solving.

“We’re all in the same business. We’re all in the people business.” – Dennis Yu, Founder – Blitzmetrics

Transparency and vulnerability give you the ability to connect with those people in ways no hack or tool can ever allow. And those connections are what lead to trust, loyalty, engagement, and yes, conversions. When you’re known as a business that actually cares, your reputation begins to precede itself.

In fact, according to Qualtrics, 77% of clients will recommend your company based on positive experiences they’ve had, and 86% who’ve had an excellent experience will purchase again. (Yes, that many!)

It’s Worth Investing in the Long Game

While relationship-building may seem like a long-game approach, the truth is it doesn’t have to be. Adopting a “we care” attitude can start immediately with something as simple as reaching out to current customers to check in on how they’re doing, just like you might with a friend or loved one you care about.

Dennis also shares how his “rule of thirds” saved BlitzMetrics from going under when his co-founder abruptly left the company a few months ago, and why even with a people-first mission every business should make everyone in the company (including the owner) completely replaceable. 

Overall, when you’re willing to invest the time into the real people that work for you, the possibilities of how well your business can do in the future are practically endless. Which sounds pretty good to us.

(Image credit of Dennis riding on a unicorn goes to Ian Chew)