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VPs of Marketing

Marketing executives are smart cookies – but they’re in a tricky position. Their executive teams are counting on them to lead holistic marketing strategies, and then some. But, with an increased focus on digital marketing and content generation to drive leads and revenue, the pressure is on them to prove their team’s value to the bottom line.

When they find us . . .

The marketing execs we work with tend to hire us because they’re trying to create a through-line to bottom-line results from the marketing activities their teams are working so hard to produce. But they can’t figure out what tools or data they could (or should) be using to represent their immense value to their executive teams.

They know the correlation is there somewhere, but the data they have on hand suggests that the assets they are creating are not adding value for their sales teams. Trying to increase the quality of their demand generation campaigns on time and within budget feels impossible.

After Secret Sushi comes on board . . .

When our marketing VPs get to actually show the results of their efforts to their executive teams, with real data that connects marketing activities directly to sales results, they breathe a huge sigh of relief. Finally being able to report consistent lead-gen results that point to a significantly improved stream of prospects for their sales team is a big win for them.

They especially love being able to communicate the specific impact their marketing efforts are making on revenue results, not to mention the regular cache of high-quality marketing assets they’re routinely creating on time and on budget. Having a new team of experienced, cutting-edge marketing brains in the background spotting new opportunities for them is an unexpected bonus. (And not having to dedicate their lunch hours to a stress-reduction deep breathing practice anymore is pretty great, too.)

We rely on Secret Sushi’s expertise to help guide and execute our corporate website strategy.

Chris Becwar

Senior Marketing Manager, GreenRoad

The Secret Sushi team is very involved in your day-to-day activity. It’s easy to pick up the phone and have a conversation about what needs to be done, and then they take action and come back with results.

Rico Andrade

VP of Marketing, Celigo

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Triple your conversions on a free-trial product?

Nearly eliminate any need for paid traffic to drive customers to your website?

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